Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Christmas........................

Another Christmas has come and gone! Here we are the day after Christmas. The December meeting of the Lost Pines CQ Group has ended. We had a great meeting with the few members who had shown up today! Next Christmas we are doing something different! Whoo-Hoo!!

This New Year there will be some changes in the way that I am doing somethings. I have made a priority list and will stick to it! I know, I know many people have done this and about two or three months into the New Year the list gets lost or ignored. That is why we all have UFO's!

Well, I want to stick to it! So I guess we will see what happens. On the top of this list is my blog I want everyone to see what I am doing and get helpful information from my blog and I have in store many more tutorials!

The next thing on my list is FINISHING a full size CQ quilt! That is my UTS quilt called "Seanes". That is why there is all the under the sea things surrounding me! It keeps me focused!(I hope!)

The rest of the list will come out in the New Year!!!

The Lion

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