Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here I Am Again!

Well, here I am again! I have tons of things to do and tons of things to show everyone but have not quite got to it yet! It just seems like the old daily grind has gotten in the way of my "play" for way too, long! One day I will be able to balance my work life to my CQ life!
This week I had planned to play "catch up"! We were not able to go to Florida to spread a little cheer to my husbands side of the family so............................."catch up" it was!!! I had planned on making two or three posts a day but life has got in the way of that again!
Sunday, it was over to my mothers. HO, HO, HO Merry Christmas-ing!! Then Monday after my husband and I got back from Wal-Mart getting tires for my daughters car, the girls begged to go to the mall. DH said yes we could go.............................. Into Austin for the rest of the day. Really it did take the rest of the day. Funny thing the mall was not as crowded as I thought that it would be........
Yesterday................yesterday morning was spent doing errands and then when I got home and settled down to work on my Christmas Stocking I wanted a color of ribbon that needed to be ironed. Yesterday afternoon was spent ironing out all my silk ribbon. I did not know that I had that much of a build up on silk ribbon that needed to be ironed! Well, at least it got done!
Of course in between getting ALL that ribbon ironed I also walked my blind dog, fixed lunch and dinner, yelled at the teenage girls for spilling a coke on my brAND NEW TWO MONTH OLD COUCH! Did I happen to mention that THE COUCH IS ULTRA SUEDE?
Yes, that last part still upsets me! OH! This part is going to make ALL of y'all giggle! I had to take the spare key to my son for his truck. He locked his keys in the truck again!
Those are just the highlights of my last three "vacation" days I just did not get to the details of EVERYthing that I did! But everyone can imagine what those consisted of!
I should have taken two weeks off!
The Lion

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Ruby said...

Whew!! I'm tired! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!:)