Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Crackers

I entered into a Christmas Cracker swap with CQI. I received mine from Connie today. Upon opening up the box I picked up from the post office today, this is what I found. A great Christmas card from Connie, my Cracker and...................
A prescription from Connie to help with the "I want to open earlies". On the bottle it reads "Take one if temptation to open Christmas Cracker becomes extraordinarily difficult to resist. (Not to exceed one a week.)"
Of course I had to take one right away. The need to open that cracker was really, really difficult! I use to work in a doctors office where the doctor took care of chronic care patients. I have a lot of excuses that I can use from that employment on why I need a refill on my prescription. I plan to post one a day. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen they will be real excuses.
Okay, Connie, here is the first one:
My dog ate my prescription.
(No, they never brought in the vet report on that poor canine so that the RX could get refilled early.)
I will post another tomorrow!

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