Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Catch My Star" Blog Teaser # 2

Okay, everyone it is now time for the second teaser for my "Catch My Star" quilt. This months beautiful star is: Frances Starr! This lady will probably be will known to the fans of Broadway. She only played in a few "talkies".

Here are my three questions to be answered:
1. Name 2 Broadway shows that she was in.
2. She was under contract for 16 years to a legendary Broadway Impresario. Who was this man??
3. Name the Broadway play that she was in with Walter Matthau.
Of course the first person who answers the three questions right gets a replica silkie (made by me) of this beautiful actress, and a nice squishie package. The second person to answer the questions, I will send the replica silkie.
Okay, everyone have FUN!!!


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi! Pays to have insomnia - I think I'm first here! Two plays Frances Starr was in are The Music Master and The Rose of the Rancho. She was under contract to David Belcaso and I think the movie you are looking for is Tiger! Tiger!

Sharon said...

1 Claudia, The rose of Rancho
2 David Belcaso
3> Ladies of the Corridor
I like these teasers

piney cq said...

Hi there! I've sent my answers under cover! Looks like there were others b4 me tho! LOL!! Fun to read up on her!