Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! Here is to hopeing that you all have a good day! Today is the day that all mothers of teenagers and older think to themselves where has all the time gone?? Was it just yesterday that I was making that green Power Ranger costume for the boy?? How about fixing those fairy wings for your daughter because her brother smashed them??
My youngest child was always quite diffrent on Halloween as she was the one chaseing all the other little kids with a rubber snake. She has always liked Halloween. Starting with last Halloween she started doing things without her mother as all children do. They grow up.
Now here I am sitting here pulling memories out of the past, and wondering: Where did all the time go??
My Son is in his last year of high school. My middle child in her junior year has a football game she will be at. The youngest daughter has plans with out me. *SIGH*
Maybe the old man will take me on a hayride tonight............................
Looking towards the future........The grandkids! (It had better be the distant future!)
Here is to hoping that every one has a happy and safe Halloween tonight and many more!!!

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