Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Catch My Star" Blog Teaser

I am going to start in the the new year a new CQ. I should have "Seanes" finished in the next couple of months. So I decided to have a Contest every month up to the day that I start my quilt. As I stated in an earlier post I had the opportunity to obtain some really great cigarette silks. I found quite a few and a set of actresses were some that I found. I know that there are more actresses out there on cigarette silks but these are the ones that I am working with. Although I would like to find more!
I have not figured out if I really want to use the real silks in the quilt our if I will copy them to silk sheets and use the copies. I think that, that will be a decision when I get to the piecing stage of my quilt.
My actress quilt will be named "Catch My Star". Of course I have many ideas going around in my head for this CQ!
Now to the fun part of my post.............................
Here is the first actress, she should be real easy so I don't want the Teaser answers to be easy!
In the bio that I found on her it had said that she died in 1970 of a dementia thought to be Alzheimer's. I thought after we had Alzheimer's awareness day that she should go first.
The Actress that we are talking about.............
Billie Burke
Since this actress is really well know I would like these four questions answered to win the Teaser!
  1. What film was her Hollywood come back?(Hint it was Kathrine Hepburn's debut film.)
  2. What great series of films did she play in where Carey Grant was a ghost??
  3. Okay, Okay, What film did she work in starring Judy Garland?
  4. I do not want to forget about her Broadway career! Name a famous play that she was in?

I hope that y'all have fun with this set of Teasers! I had fun learning about the ladies whose pictures I will be working with in my CQ!

The winner of this Teaser will win a squishie and a replica silky of the actress.



Connie said...

I had fun looking up the answers to these questions! Don't want to spoil it for others though!

piney cq said...

Do you really want the answers here? LOL!! Thanks for the fun! VBG!

Jill said...

What a fun CQ project this is going to be for you and I bet it turns out gorgeous! I have the answers, I'll email them to you privately.

Sharon said...

A bill of divorcement (Katherine Hepburn)
Topper filmms with Gary Grant
Myscial...Mrs. January and Mr. X
Sergeant Rutledge,
The wizard of Oz with Judy Garland
Lyn this was fun but i am not sure of all the info....

Sharon said...

The "Mind-the-Paint" Girl, a play

Sandy said...

Billie Burke made her come back in "A Bill of Divorcement"; She was in the "Topper" series with Cary Grant; the film she mmade with Judy Garland was "The Wizard of Oz: and one of her best Broadway plays was "Mrs. Dot". Sandy