Thursday, October 2, 2008

And Here Is Some More Pin Keepers

This week has been a trial at work. I thought that I gave my lead position back but found out this week that they can pull it out of moth balls! I have been working more than humanly possible, you know with work and mom's taxi service!

It has been a blessing hosting the PK swap for CQI, the thought of getting one of those beauties in the mail to drool over first gets me through the nights! Three more BEAUTIFUL pin keepers have arrived!

Connie Kalina's, beautiful pin keeper arrived today! Isn't it just beautiful! The colors are positively cheerful!! The stitching is just sssoooo, wonderful!

Both sides have beautiful stitching. Cobi, I cannot wait to get your DYB blocks as there is a stitch on this wonderful PK that I am going to use!! Looks very Indian to me!

Mary Lear's, Pin Keepers arrived also. Ladies the shoe!!! Awesome!! Now how many of y'all wish for this PK?? You know that the fun part of y'all hope to get this shoe!!

Of course Mary's stitching is as beautiful as ever! Just beautiful!

For all the pastel buffs out there here is the pin keeper for you!! Mary's stitching mirrors the gold in this fabric. I hope that the picture picks up the effect as it is just striking!

Here is the flip side, of Mary's PK. Mary's stitching goes so well with the gold lines in this fabric. I love to look at it! Just a wonderful stitch design! (Yes, I cannot say enough about Mary's stitching! You have got to see how well the stitching and fabric go together!)

All of the pin keeps have been so well done! The stitching is beautiful! I cannot wait to drool over more!! Then I get to send them out to their new owners to drool over! Now what will tomorrow bring in the mail........................


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