Sunday, October 26, 2008

Magic Moments Cobi's Block

I have finished Cobi's block for the Magic Moments DYB RR. This is the second RR that I have had Cobi in with this theme. Her theme is India. I know that with the scanner you don't get a real good picture of the block that I did but I will blame it on the inspiration button. You do get a good picture of that! In searching for a starting place for this block I was digging through all of my beads. In one of my bead bottles I found vintage buttons that I had purchased. I thought "maybe there is something here." I opened the bottle and "WOW" I found this button. Paisleys, Cobi likes paisleys. Then the thought for the design was born.
Here it is the finished block:

Now before anyone asks, I will answer the question of what I uses to stitch this block. I had pulled out beads and buttons and all of my metallic threads. I could not find my gold. I thought that I needed to stick with the gold theme running through the blocks so Friday I went to my favorite quilt and needle works shop. They were having a sale. A going broke sale for Lyn! I bought this really great Rainbow Gallery ribbon. Of which I used on Cobi's block.
Now the reason I say a going broke sale is because I bought all the colors and types of this ribbon that they had for a dollar a card! Yes! One dollar a card! I told you it was a sale! Now I have new ribbons to play with!
Here is a picture of the gold so that y'all know what I am talking about:
Now a surprise as with Simona's blocks for all of my non-CQI friends so that y'all can see the wonderful work done in this RR I scanned over the other blocks for y'all to see. These blocks were done by Leslie, Simona, and Lauri. The only one that I don't have is the one that Gerry worked on and y'all can see that one on her blog .

As y'all can see following these talented ladies up is a challenge indeed! So these will be off after I finish Ati's Magic Moments block. I am almost sad to see this RR end as it has been an inspiration for my own work! Well back to stitching!

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Petit Patch said...

...merci pour votre message...j'admire aussi vos crazy et vos magnifiques broderies!