Friday, October 24, 2008

Simona's Magic Moments DYB RR Block

The Magic Moments RR started out as an Any Thing Goes DYB(do your own block). A few months back it hit a snag as one of our Crazy Quilting sisters had a tragedy in her family.

Sharon, if you are reading this I hope that you are doing fine. We miss you!

I received Simona's, Cobi's and Ati's from Leslie our RR Angel. I started with Simona's block as she was next in the stitching line.

Simona pieced her six blocks in beautiful pastel colors with bunny fabric in the middle of the block. She used cotton fabric, as she wants these blocks made into a quilt for her cute little girl, Sirie. The stipulations for these blocks were no buttons, beads or other things that could choke a baby. With these conditions in mind I chose a block to stitch. Since, I use only hand dyed, over dyed, and other speciality threads, I pulled out my cotton perle. The cotton perle will be color fast, where the others would run all over the fabric.

Looking at the other blocks and trying to make mine fit in with them. I started stitching. I just went around the seams within the fabric piece. I experimented with stitch variations and building onto the stitch.

Here is the block that I stitched on:

I tried to keep everything as "child Like" as possible. I made a scene in which it looked like a little girl drew the house and trees with the field. The little flower motif I wanted it to look like something that a little girl would color in a color book. Of course I had to monogram it with a little S for, Sirie. My favorite seam treatment is the one on the green fabric piece next to the rabbits. A lazy daisy stitch with a fly stitch. Yes, I made those carrots! I told my daughter that I need to remember to do this stitch again!

For my non-CQI friends and other curious, inquisitive minds. I have a surprise for you! I scanned over to my computer the blocks already done so y'all also could see what works of art that they are!

The top two are stitched by Leslie, and the bottom one with the CUTE angel was stitched by Laurie. I don't mind telling y'all that these two are a hard act to follow!

I am starting to stitch on Cobi's blocks. I should have them up in the next few days or so........



Judy S. said...

Thanks for the closeups of these blocks, Carol. Did one person piece them all? They all seem to have the same fabrics. The stitching is wonderful!

Simona said...

What a surprise to see a post about them! The blocks are looking great and thank you for your stitching I like it so much!
Can't wait to see them in person...

Susan said...

What beautiful work! I couldn't get the picture of your block to be a close-up. Bah, humbug! From what I could see, though, it's as pretty as the 3 I could get to enlarge.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

HI! I think the motif of the child's drawing of the house, etc. is just so clever! Very charming! I think Simona's daughter will have something to treasure always!