Saturday, October 11, 2008

Asian Nights RR--Sossity's Block

Whew, what a week! This week I worked on Sossity's Asian Nights block. This block is a warm brown and cream block. Cobi had it first you can see her beautiful purple peacock, and wonderful crocheted motif that she added to the block.

When I got the block I wanted to ponder what the block wanted on it. Once I decided that a Geisha silkie was needed on it it got real easy. The block Started speaking to me.
I tried to make everything look as "Asian" as possible. Sossity made most of her block with brocade and in this brocade are very wonderful colors. Pinks, blues and lavenders. I tried to play off these colors. I also tried to follow suit with Cobi's jewel colors. The pink flowers that I have on the Geisha patch I wanted to make look like butterflies, as that pretty patch has nothing but butterflies on it!
The plain brown patch that I worked on, I put a branch of silk flowers. I had seen this motif on an Asian fan and thought that it would work well on this block.
The floss that I used on this block came from Weeks dye Works. I used the colors of Envy, Azaleas, Mermaid, Sweetheart Rose and Rose Quartz. The silk ribbon came from Thread Works.
Off to work on my Christmas Ornaments!!


Judy S. said...

Nice work! I especially like your addition of the Geisha silkie. BTW, that's a neat CD pinkeep!

Susan said...

Very pretty addition. I like the draping effect of your stitched "seams".