Saturday, October 4, 2008

From A Football Game

Bastrop High School vs. Pflugerville Conley High School

Here are my youngest daughter and her friend, also my adopted daughter. I took this picture just as we got to the game. Silly girls took off after that as if I had deodorant trouble. HHHHMMMM, maybe I need to change it???

Their team. My son called during warm up and asked to call him with the first score of the game. He was unable to attend the game as he had to work. He is a CNA at Bastrop Nursing Center.

The Bastrop Bears warming up.
This game was game of the week on one of the local channels so the whole game was being filmed.
I am so glad that I had free night time and weekend minuets on my phone as my son kept calling. It seemed that the residents of the nursing home wanted play by play information from some one at the game!
Bastrop made the first score of the game. That is the only time that we scored. when the game ended that score was 7-17 Conley.
My son was telling me that Conley has the fastest team in the district this season. I must tell you that these guy's are fast!
The Half Time Show
Of course I personally think that it stars my darling daughter is the star!
Pflugerville's band. They really looked sharp on the field. As proud as I am of my daughter and her band, I really have to say that ALL these kids, theirs and ours, put in allot of their time for their show. You can tell as they looked real good on the field.
Their color guard. These kids were dressed in purple. On the field they became bats. Okay, okay, it looked cool!
Their band had a majorette. She was really good. Where is our majorette you might say?? Well, we don't have one. And why do you ask?? Well I just don't know.
Our band! These kids have really done well under the direction of Mr. Lang. This band director has come into a school and took over from a string of band directors that really didn't care and made a big visible change! He can go down in the books as one of the best band directors!
Here is my beautiful daughter waiting with the color guard to go out on the field.
Okay, as I have said on MY blog she is the star of the show! Here she is during one of her solo's.
Alright! I know enough pictures of Stephanie! I just want every one to know that I am proud!
So, I will end this post with Lora and Alexis mugging for the camera. I think that they need to go to bed!

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