Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Christmas Crackers

A very Merry Christmas happened this year! I received Lots of great things. Of course I am back in action with a NEW camera! Now there will be many, many excellent photos on the way!

From my CQI sisters Connie and Cindy some wonderful CQ items in the crackers that they sent to me! I now need to assimilate the items to my stash!

First up is the items that I got from Cindy, I got a really cool cloisonne flower that just might have to go on "Catch My Star". I got beads of all sorts. Some ginger bread charms, threads, trim, and ribbons. Let me not forget the really cool block that she made for the wrapper! Awesome!

From Connie, I received all sorts of buttons and beads and star charms as a prescription to keep me from opening my cracker early.

In side the cracker Oh, boy! I got velvet squares and trims that just make you want to drool! I cannot wait to use them!

This has really been a fun exchange! I hope that every one had as much fun as I had this season! Here is wishing every one a happy New Year!


Rose Anne B said...

Lovely cracker Lyn, aren't we lucky to have such awesome CQing friends? And that's great you now have a new camera! Enjoy.

Rose Anne B said...

Shoot me, I meant "crackers" my dear!!!