Monday, December 1, 2008

"Catch My Star" Blog Teaser # 3

Here is the next teaser for my "Catch My Star" quilt. I am hoping to start this quilt around February. Just doing these teasers is making me excited about starting! Here is my next actress. From what I found this actress worked on Broadway for 11 years. I wasn't able to find much on her. I wish that I could have learned more about her. Maybe learning more about her will be a journey for the future!

Her name is Elsa Reinhardt.

Here are my questions:
1)How many operetta's did she preform in?
2)What was the longest running production that Elsa Reinhardt preformed in? What was her part?
3)How many productions was Elsa in the Chorus only?
Number four is going to take a little research but it will be well worth it!
4) "The Girl Behind The Counter" had a very successful Broadway run. What theater was it preformed in, in 1907-08? Who were the male and female stars of this play?
The first person to come up with all the correct answers gets a wonderful squishie. The second gets a reproduction silkie printed by ME!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the challenge, I sent a email with my answers. Was not sure if that is how to do it.

BTW, I have enjoyed your site immensely.


piney cq said...

Thanks so much for this! I've sent ya my answers.....hopefully correct! LOL!

Shari said...

I have also sent you my answers via e-mail. It was a challenge!
Hope I am right on at least some of them.