Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today's Work

Today I worked on a ring bearers pillow for a friends daughters wedding. She wanted me to use some of the motif's from her dress. I wish I had a picture of the dress as it is just beautiful. well as I am stuch for the moment with only a scanner every one will have to enjoy looking at the top for now and I will post the picture of the finished pillow when I am able to get one up.

So, What do you think?????????

For the other project.............

Okay here is a teaser for all of those in the CD Pin Keeper Swap with me. I have the front and the back to both of the pin keepers that I am making for the swap pieced.

Here are those pictures:

As a side note for my blog teaser, I am happy that everyone is enjoying it! Since y'all have to guess both the theme AND what I am making, I am happy to say that some of y'all are half right. I will post another teaser in a few days. Giving y'all enought time to stew on it!

1 comment:

Pearl said...

Oh it's really dainty and pretty. I wish I could do work like this? but then alas thank goodness we have people like you! My eyes are shot so there's no way for me.