Saturday, September 27, 2008

Three More Pin Keepers

Three more pin keepers have arrived. I received the first of two(maybe) from Debbie Higgins at our Lost Pines Crazy Quilt Group today. Our challenge for this months meeting was under the sea, so she combined the two deadlines and made an under the sea pin keep. As I am still with out a camera the scanner as usual does not do this wonderful pin keeper justice. Debbie's fish are just too, cute! As you can see from the back of this pin keep Debbie did some of her gorgeous stitching!

Arriving from Japan are Hideko's two wonderful pin keepers!! Ladies let me tell you pictures do not do these two pin keepers justice. The person who receives one of these is one lucky person!

The stitching on these is to just die for!

With all the eye candy that I have received, I am now waiting on pins and needles to see what else the PO box will cough up!
I just might go on eye candy over load! least need a bib from all the drool!


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Joyce said...

I hate to sound stupid but what are or how do you use the the pin keepers. Sorry for being so dumb