Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two More Pin Keepers

I have finally finished Kerry's pin keeper and the second pin keeper for the swap. Both are under the sea.

Here is both sides of the first one that I made. As you can see I did something a little different in using part of a vintage doily for the reef. Because I had to hide the cut parts they had to be wrapped around the CD. So to that end I did not put in a lot of detail. Well, as you can see the pin keeper turned out really well. So it was on the the next one.......................

Here is the second pin keeper with the under the sea theme. As you can see I gained more confidence and added more detail. I really liked the way that both had turned out. I cannot wait to try more different things with these.....................



Wendy said...

How sweet you are!!!! I pretty much do my roses freehand, if there is such a thing in embroidery. I just start going with the floss, then throwing silk ribbon roses where ever I feel like, and then sprinkle some beads.

I just love your underwater designs here. I am going to send your blog to my sister. She is wanting to create an underwater something. She is itching to try it on something.

Thanks again,

Nathalie L. said...

WOnderful, thank you, for the link "Circle Design". I love CD Pinkeeper.