Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Have A Camera Again!!!

I found my software for my camera and installed it today!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!! I feel like I have been liberated!! Okay now to share some pictures with y'all. These are the breast cancer blocks that I have been working on and am going to work on:

This is the first Breast cancer block that I did for Leslie. The theme is hearts. I know that you can barely see it but I have a little rhinestone heart on this block. Very flashy!! Of course all those little pink roses!

And here is the second breast cancer block! I have it on my blog but I had to scan it the first time, but with the use of the camera you get to see it whole and not in half!

The next three blocks for breast cancer up are for Debbie Higgins. Here they are pieced. I will start embellishing them. Debbie wants me to use pastel colors. I will do one lavender, one yellow and one blue.

Now that I have my new found "freedom", more pictures are to come!!



kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Yay to for upi finding your camera Lyn!! Your B/C blocks are gorgeous!

LouAnne said...

Congrats on finding your camera! I'd be lost without mine! Just stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog, Getting to Crazy, and leaving your kind comment.

Thelma said...

So glad your able to post pics again. Your B/C blocks are beautiful!!