Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Latest WHOO-HOO Finds

I have recently had the privilege to obtain some of the greatest finds a crazy quilter can own. TOBACCO SILKS!!!!!! I have some really great images. As you can see from the first photo.

The first two silks appealed to my sense of fun. Are they not wonderful?? I have spent some time this morning copying them into my computer. Restoring the color a little bit. As you can see from the pictures that they are wrinkled probably from storage and all. My grandmother has told me of a trick on how to iron them, I will try that out and see if it works.

AAAHHHH, the fruit! I love these images! I am hoping to find some more of them.......Maybe some trading cards that I can copy to silk???

Whoops, I can see another crazy quilt...............Fruit and blossoms.

I don't want to forget my butterfly and birds........Of course more of these wonderful silks are in order!

As you can see from the above scans the bird silks are not in the best of shape. I have had long talks with a lady who restores dolls and she has given me some tips on how to use the originals (you know silks in not so good shape) in a project if I would like. OH, Oh, oh, I hear another tutorial coming on! I need a camera that works with my new computer first...........OH, the complications!

This brings me to my new blog teasers.............

These are not the only silks that I have laid my hands on. I also have silks of eleven actresses. Do you know what that means??? A NEW CQ!!! To that end a whole new batch of blog teasers! I am going to run my new blog teasers up until the time that I start my new quilt. I have to finish SEANES first. (Of course I am getting ready to blog the next block for that quilt.) These blog teasers will have a whole new twist...........So stay tuned and brush up on your trivia!


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Larna Ezzy said...

I just found your blog. Isn't it geat when you find some treasures.
I too have some old silks but think they are too fragile to use.
I just love looking at them.