Monday, September 22, 2008

Arlene's Pin Keeper

Today's run to the post office met with the arrival of Arlene's pin keeper from Scotland. I opened up the mail box and saw this unwanted plastic bag.......
Of course I thought: OH!!! NO!!! Not Arlene's Beautiful pin keeper!
I was afraid to look inside! Was her beautiful pin keep folded?? Bent?? Mangled??
I went out to the car before opening the package.
I HAD to sit down for this........................................
Once I had it opened I saw a corner of the envelope she had sent it in was a little crinkled, Okay not bad as the pin keep was round.
Then I saw the side. It looked like someone had slit the side! I wonder if they just wanted a peek, you know the curiosity thingy?? OOKKAAAYYYY, I looked in side..........
There sat the pin keeper in all its un-mangled glory!!! I must say that the pictures of the pin keeper does not do it justice! It is beautiful!
What a prize for the lucky person who gets this one!
Arlene, your stitching on this is so delicate, and fine!
Now here I sit on pins and needles, and biting my nails waiting on the rest of the pin keepers!

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