Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Peacock

I have to tell you about my peacock. I got him in the mail today and now just dont know what to do with him.

First let me go to the begining.................One day I was on ebay just crusing around see what I can stop myself from buying. I started looking at peacock things to get ideas for the Asian Nights RR that I am participating in. I came across beautiful sequin peacock appliques. Starting bid 0.99 cents. They had a few colors pink, blue, green, purple. I bid a couple of dollars on all. I thought what the heck, I could get something nice to add to blocks right????
Bingo I won the green one.
When I bid on the auction I assumed little applique, you know normal size.(No mention of size in the auction description! I went back and checked.)

Come to find out I assumed WRONG!! The size of this applique is huge!! It is so big I could not fit it all on my scanner, SEE---->

Now to come up with a plan for one BIG peacock.

He is kinda cute isn't he??

AAAHHHHH, another challenge in the future!


1 comment:

Thelma said...

He is adorable...maybe you could put him as a center piece of a cq and build around him ,,he'd be the centerpiece.