Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Antique Store Find

Yesterday, I went looking in my closet for a dress that I had bought at the local thrift store for my CQ SEANES. (I bought it as it had a great green I am going to use for blocks.)

As I was looking for that dress I came across an unopened paper bag that held some purchases that were made. Why, I threw the bag in my closet I will never know. Probably instinct so that DH doesn't know what kind of money I am spending on the stuff that is going to "drown" him. (That is what he says anyway.)

Upon opening my paper bag I found doilies that I was wanting to use in SEANES. A ballerina hanky.

Then wrapped separately this wonderful creation!! A great vintage pin cushion! I knew that I had to share it with everybody! I love the way that it was made. Some lady was very ingenious!
When I saw this I "had" to have it!

One day in my next life I probably should learn how to crochet! I would like to make these wonderful things also!


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