Sunday, June 7, 2009


On the CQI group we have been getting ready for a tin swap. The due date for them to be mailed out is June 30th. So this week end I thought that I would work on my tins. I am doing three. Two large and one Altoids tin. The Altoids tin is still in progress BUT I am finished with the two large ones.

In the directions/ rules Debbie(our hostess with the mostess), put down dimensions that we were to follow. The tins were not to exceed 6x8 inches and no smaller than 4x5 inches for the large tins.

With those instructions I took myself to my favorite thrift store to find my tins. I found the required tins(among other things), and brought them home. I pulled them out one day to do some measuring and then got distracted. Have y'all ever done that??? Well needless to say I totally forgot that the tins were on the table. It was trash day and the old man thought that I was going to get rid of them, so into the trash they went.

Now, I have gone dumpster diving before, and I will do it again. In this case it was too late. The trash was gone! I stormed around the house for a while then went back down to my favorite thrift store to get some more. No square tins to be found! Now, y'all don't have, to have me tell you what was running through my mind at that point! I picked up some round and some oval in about the same dimensions that were described in the rules.

When I came back home I emailed Debbie. I told her my sad story and she said that I could use the different shapes, that the dimensions were just a guideline for the approximate size. So my old man got a stay of execution!

The tins that are in the following pictures are the ones that I chose to work on.

I printed out the likes and dislikes of each lady so that I could have them by my sewing machine while I was designing the tins.

The oval tin is hopefully in the colors that my lady likes. She also had down that she like spider webs and encrusted. I hope that what I did on the top is to her liking. The SRE rose motif is one of my favorites!

Here is a side view of the tin. My lady also stated that she likes brocade. I had some vintage brocade and vintage velvet ribbon in my stash. Around the top is a piece of peach braid. Now, around the bottom, is a piece of trim I picked up at a sale from a wholesale factory. The lady who owns the factory makes dance outfits, and every once in a while she has a yard sale to get rid of end pieces.

I guess that I do need to mention that I did spray paint the top. The original color of the tin was bright blue and would not match the color scheme at all! Whether that was a brain burp or not I don't know. I hope that it lasts the old man said that it would..................
The inside of this tin I finished off with this cute cotton fabric, deep purple trim, and ribbon roses that I purchased years ago when I was making the girls cute dresses to wear. I don't mind telling you because of the shape and the depth of the tin it was a "mutter under the breath" job to get it finished off! But I think that it turned out real well and worth the effort.

This next tin I chose to be round. My lady that this tin goes to likes little girl silkies! I also tried to stick to the colors that she stated that she likes, so I am hoping that she likes this tin. Every thing is in the deep Victorian-like colors, except the SRE roses. They are a bright blue. They really stand out!

This tin was a deep, dark green so no spray paint was necessary to help finish off this tin. As you see I have that trim in another color. I thought that this color would look great with the CQ top.

The side of the top of the tin I found some flat vintage lace to glue around it along with some vine trim that I had picked up from Ribbonsmythe. I had some more ribbon flowers. ( I liked sewing for my girls!)

The inside I finished off with a bright blue toile, trim and a hand dyed butterfly.I think that this makes a wonderful surprise for anyone opening it!

Now that y'all have my tin story, I am off to finish the Altoids tin!


Ruby said...

Lyn, the tins are lovely. I'm sure your ladies are going to be pleased!

Rose Anne B said...

LYN THEY ARE LOVELY!!! Shoot now seeing these beauties I wish I had braved the challenge and signed up! LOL! You did a beautiful job and I LOVE the inside finished too! WOW!!!

Skye said...

Oh Lyn, these tins are absolutely lovely!!!! There is going to be some very happy people during this swap..

Bear said...

both tins are so beautiful - I feel for you- I have a hubby who once was like that but hes learned ggggg and I bet yours has also- but these tins are so pretty its almost Karma that the first tins were meant to be lost, so that these beautious ones were to be made.......
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo

Terri Kahrs said...

Lyn, your work is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for your lovely comment! Hugs, Terri

Pearl said...

So beautiful! What talent you have.

Thelma said...

Beautiful work Lyn, I am sure the ladies that get them will love them for sure.