Monday, June 29, 2009

Debbies Landscape Block

When I received Debbie H.'s landscape block I immediately thought Saguaro cactus! It has colors that lend themselves to a beautiful desert landscape. Karrin's tree reminded me of those beautiful Ponderosa pines! So this block has went southwest. All the way to the Sonora Desert! That is where I got all my inspiration from is the pictures of the Sonora Desert. I googled them and the rest is history for this block!

I wish I could do more but it needs to go to the next person! I added the stitching around the desert floor and little desert pond. I also added the Saguaro Cactus of course! The little flowering vine. This plant can be seen in the Sonora Desert of course! BTW the Sonora Desert has hundreds of beautiful flowers to choose from! Also added the beads of which I am passing on to the next people on the list to use if needed!

I hope that everyone else enjoys this block as much as I did!


Amy said...

Very nice!

Gerry said...

Too cute. Love the cacti.

I also wanted to comment on the fabric/embellished boxes you posted a while back. They are stunning! Nice work.

Quilter Beth said...

We did a landscape block recently at one of our guild meetings. Everyone really seemed to enjoy doing it. This one is really nice.