Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Swap, A Christmas Stocking Swap!

I have been thinking for a while that I would like to host a swap off my blog. With those thoughts what kind of swap?? Something that has not been done yet that is what I want.............

Today is the day I thought (while I was working) why not a Christmas Stocking swap?? No one has done one of those yet! Well, not that I know of!

If anyone is interested in trying to do this swap please make a comment to this post, please include your email so that I can contact you. If there is enough interest in this Christmas Stocking Swap I will email out the guidelines.



Ruby said...

Oh, yes! I would love to do a Christmas stocking swap! Include me! Me! Me!


Gerry said...

Hey there! I thought this was interesting when I saw it at CQI. Is this a blog only swap?

Anyway, I would be like to see the guidelines and hopefully, actually have time to participate.

Thanks! BTW, I just found your blog. You do wonderful CQ.


Leona said...

I would also love to participate in this..is it still open?

Wendy said...

Lynn I would love to do this so sign me up.