Saturday, June 20, 2009

My New Tea Pot

Look! I found this really cool tea pot at our local thrift shop. I paid $2 for it. I thought that it was a steal!
When I brought it home my Darling Teen Daughter told me that it was the ugliest thing that she has ever seen!
What??? I did not think that it was ugly I thought that it would look nice in the corner with my carrot and strawberry pitchers!
This has to be the best Shabby Chic tea pot out there! What do y'all think?????????



Rengin Yazitas said...

Oh, this is so cute tea pot. I bet, your teen daughter would like to have have after a few years:))
Enjoy your new tea pot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your tea pot is so cute. I am a major fan of tea pots. My grandmother collected them and I grew a fondness for them, I love all things related to tea:):):):)

Fantastic buy by the way!!!