Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Number 5

In my quest of making my blog teasers more challenging and entertaining, I try to come up with questions that make y'all really look and learn about these great early actresses! These ladies the fore mothers of the modern day actresses had a hard and challenging life! They lived and worked in a time and era where the actress was looked upon as a tramp or worse! Yet there were a few who broke that mold!

My original question number 5 for Julia Sanderson was a challenging one, that everyone came close to but could not quite find the answer. So in the sense of fair play and a happy teaser, I deleted it and made a new number 5.

The first person who answers this question right will win the squishie, second person right will win the 2 replica silkies.

Question No. 5:

Frank Crumit, was married to Julia Sanderson in 1927. He had some popular phonograph records. Name 3 of his songs.

Good luck ladies!



Ruby said...

I sent an email twice but I don't think it ever reached you??? :(

Susan/CqLily said...

Any news on the answers?