Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birds And Bees ~ Debbie S.'s Block

Another Birds and Bees block is stitched on! Debbie you had a wonderful block and the go ahead to encrust, well.................. I had a hard time stopping! I could have just kept going! The thing that I really liked about this block are the bird pieces in it! It gave me the opportunity to turn them into 3D pictures by adding some silk ribbon. The birds them selves to make them stand out I out-lined them in gold thread. I also took some silk floss and outlined the lace flower. I gave Debbie a spider web.(Sorry about the spider Debbie you can take him off when he gets to your house if you don't like him there. You cant have a web with out one of those. Plus it gives your birds another meal!)
I also put in around the web those pretty purple roses, the lace around the connecting block looked a little plain so I added those blanket stitch flowers and that field of flowers with the pretty blue butterflies!

I could have added so much more like SRE flowers along the vines so the ladybugs can play on them and beads to the lace motif, and , and ,and.................

I hope that you like it Debbie!


CarolynPhi said...

You did beautiful work on this block!!! So sweet and feminine...she's going to love it!!!

BTW, I love the pansies and Victorian images!!! Even after visiting the lady who offers these, I don't think I have brains enough to do it! LOL!!!


Susan/CqLily said...

This is a beautiful block and I really really like the white piece with the lace and pearls around it (with the embroidered flowers on it!). Makes it look like an antique/vintage hankie...I am sure Debbie will be so excited!

StarFortress said...

Found your site from overallquilter on Twitter. Yes, I'm one the rare male quilters floating around. You have beautiful work. Thanks for having a blog!