Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer DYB

Here is another DYB starting! YEAH!!! I like all of the seasons of the year but I think that Summer is my very favorite!!! It brings back memories of days spent at the beach! How about those summer nights listening to the katydids?? Sleeping to the music of the cicadas?

Okay, how about running bare foot down the old dirt path to the little creek where you spent most of you child hood splashing around trying to catch a fish with your bare hands and turning over rocks looking for mud bugs, so you could chase your baby sister around with it telling her that it will pinch her nose off.(Yes, you do get in trouble for that one!) When you are a teenager you escape the house and read a book while laying on a blanket beside that creek.

Yes, you even get real good at climbing the barb wire fence in bare feet just so that you can escape the bull that mom tells you really does have to go in that pin.(Nothing meaner than a Jersey bull!)

I grew up on a dairy. I spent most of my summers running the Texas country side. Well, the part of Texas that daddy owned! My grandparents owned a "Beach House" in Rockport. I remember the summer nights when you would turn on the porch light at the beach house and watch the "hard heads" splash the top of the water. The cool mornings when I would go down to the dock to sit and fish. Red snapper would come in close in the mornings and feed on the smaller fish.

My summer blocks I chose to do in bolder colors then I normally would choose. This is summer and I think that the colors really portray the summer time. I think that I must mention that I did put a silkie on every block. All with summer like scenes!

There is one that I dug out of a family album, that is special as my mother is one of the little girls in it. Yes, it is the one of all the little girls in bare feet!

Here it is a picture of a Texas childhood! I don't think that summers have changed any at all!

This last picture is a really cool picture. Yes, it does portray a California summer at the beach....... But it also has an Olympic star in it! He is very famous! Here is the hint that I will give you: I use to watch his movies every Sunday after church. Now here is where the Quilt Lion will announce another contest for a pair of silkies! I will send a pair of silkies this one below and a silkie of the Olympic star himself to the first person who can tell me who he is!!!
Please, email me your answer to .

Have a GREAT SUMMER!!!!!

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