Monday, June 15, 2009

Lauri's UTS Block

Here is the next block finished for the UTS RR. It is Lauri's block. Lauri had some wonderful blocks to choose from. The two ladies ahead of me chose the softer colors to embellish. Some beautiful work that they did on them, too!

I went ahead and chose the "brightest" block that she has in the bunch! I had bought some obnoxious green fluffy trim at a yard sale and decided that it needed to be sea grass on this block! Of course an octopus coming out of the grass is a must on this block! I have to have my signature squid on any UTS block that I do!

Now that this block it is finished it will be off to England and my friend Pam! Lauri I hope that you like it!


Ruby said...

Wow, Lyn that is some squid. I think I like them better than spiders BUT I've never had a squid run across my arm! LOL

Thelma said...

Love it Lyn!

gocrazywithme said...

The little cloisonne or enamel fish are so cute! Good use of the green funky yarn!

morvoren said...

Look forward to getting the blocks lyn :O)
Will I need my sunglasses on with the weeds/grasses lol!
Joking apart...intersting block you have done.