Monday, July 1, 2013

I Have Been Thinking

The past couple of days have been somewhat restful for me.  I am not sure if I like restful days due to the time to think.  I am very happy to see all the new people who are trying the art of Crazy Quilting.  I am very happy to be in the CQ world and I know that I have made my place in it.  With my career change and better than that a change of jobs I feel refreshed and ready to take on my Crazy Quilting full force.

The past few years had been a constant struggle with trying to find a happy balance between my job and my CQ.  In reality there was not a balance.  My job kept me busy and worn down.  Basically my creative side was starved.  This in turn made me very unhappy.  It was only a matter of time before something imploded.  As I watched the company I was working for struggle from imploding, my youngest daughter struggle with her inner demons and my husband go through what ever he was going through I knew that it was only time before I had to make a change.  It all came to a head one night when my youngest daughter over dosed in the middle of a raging storm.  That Monday I went back to work and the VP did not want me to take family leave even though I was entitled to it.  She even threatened my job.  Really?  This was the company I worked my behind off for?  She had given me an hour to "think about it".  The decision was made in that hour.  After that it all fell into place. 

Leaving that company was something I should have done a few years earlier.  Within two weeks most things straightened out in my world.  Within two weeks I had a new job, a new career and a new start with my CQ.  My daughter is still struggling with her demons, she will for the rest of her life, but she is controlling them a whole lot better.  My husband?  He will always be going through things but that is for him to work out I can only concentrate on myself and be there in the back ground to support him.  He has to work his own issues out I can not do that for him.

It has been a month and a half now that I had made the new start to my life and I have decided a few things.  The first is I am happy with my new job.  It is only a 15 minute drive from my home.  I am happier being home longer during the 24 hour span of the day even on the days that I do work.  My children are happier and my dogs are happier.  I am happier with the time that I have to do my CQ.

I have made several decisions.  The first one is I am keeping my job with TJ Maxx.  It is fun and rewarding not to mention that this company is stable.  Just think of all the cute clothes I get first crack at!  The second is I am going to actively pursue my teaching of Crazy Quilting.  I now have the time for it and will happily become more active in the quilting community.

To that end all of the ladies and gentlemen who are new to this art I will always speak out and help you with perfecting your craft.  I will not let you struggle and in turn watch you become frustrated with it and soon quit.  That is my pledge to you.  I would also let you know that my door is open for all who would like some sort of advice in your quilting.  All you have to do is ask, my door is open.  I will also be putting up more tutorials on my blog.  Keep your eyes open for them.

I am very happy to invite all the ladies and gentlemen out there to my new stitching life!

The Lion

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Bren said...

Your post brought me to tears. I want you to know you will be remembered in prayers & that I am so happy you have some peace & contentment. God bless.