Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

To my little sister a VERY happy birthday!  I was 7 years old when she was born.  I quite remember most of what went on that day.  My dad woke up my sister Kara and I got us dressed and sat us on the porch with a banana each and told us he and mom had to go and that our God Mother would be there to get us soon.  She was there not too long after that.  Kara and I went and spent a very rainy 4th of July with our God parents.  I remember mom had canned corn the day before and it was sitting on the counter of the kitchen.  I also remember dad coming and picking us up and telling us that we had a little sister.  He described her as red and white and screaming the blues.  I also remember dad making me and Kara pancakes the next morning.  That all happened 37 years ago today.

Happy birthday Brandi Joy!

With this being Independence Day and Brandi's birthday I thought that I would put up pictures saluting the women who served in the armed forces.  Brandi served in the Army.




Have a awesome and happy 4th of July America!

The Lion

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