Sunday, July 19, 2009

Under The Sea Heaven

My love for the Under The Sea blocks has no bounds. There is so much you can do with this theme! I cannot wait until I show everyone my finished quilts!

I have finished Karrin's UTS block and have to show it off. Everyone who worked on these blocks did such a wonderful job of using beads that I was a little intimidated! But then inspiration hit!!

When you look at all the already finished blocks you will see why I came up with my block. My block is a pearl garden!! I used some fresh water pearls on it. I have had them forever just waiting for that extra special block to use them on!

Here it is my block for Karrin:

I have this wonderful book called The Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bible. I found in it a UTS motif. That is where I got the inspiration for the "pearl flowers". This of course in my fantasy land is where they grow the pearls for the castle and treasure chest! Of course you have the mermaids go and pick them!

(Okay, Okay I will come out of my fantasy world and finish this post!)
I thought that everyone would like to see where I got my fantasy from. Here are the blocks that were completed before they got to me:

Quite awesome are they not?? I hope that Karrin likes what I did for her!
Next up and on their way to me are my friend Pam's blocks! I cannot wait to get my hands on them!


Thelma said...

Beautiful work! It goes great with the other beautiful blocks. I am still biting at the nails to make an underwater scene. Got my block pieced but just haven't had the time to get it started.

morvoren said...

Lyn,this work is wonderful you have done on Karrin's block!
You have picked up the beaded garden and run with it....your work is more beautiful each time I see it.
Will let you know soon as they arrive on UK soil:O)
Hugs Pam

Karrin Hurd said...

I commented on CQI already, but I have to mention it again here, I absolutely love the block you did! Thank you for such beautiful work Lyn!