Monday, July 13, 2009

Meg's Autumn RR Block

Here is Meg's Autumn RR block. Meg's block is a stunning block with the most gorgeous, most luxurious fabric! The fabrics originate from Kosovo. Meg is a lucky lady she is a "world traveler". I like to live vicariously through her blog!! She has gone to the most wonderful places!

So I tried to come up with something special for her Autumn block. I thought that an Autumn block needed a spider web. So I emailed Meg to make sure that the spider web did not "creep" her out, it did not, then proceeded to work on her block. Since I was working at the top of the block I made some tree branches "hanging down" into the block. The spider web attached through the branches. I could not help it I had to add some "falling" flowers onto the black.

Here is a picture of my work:

Here is a picture of the whole block:

Cobi, was the first to work on this block. Cobi's work is stunning! I always try to pull out my best to follow her up and I always feel that I fall short trying to measure up! Ladies, Cobi's needle lace toadstools are to die for!! I wish everyone could see her work in person!!!!


M. Regina said...

Hello, beautiful the block, I love crazy quilt. What is the adress of Meg's blog? Hugs from Brazil. very cooold here today.

Thelma said...

Beautiful work, I am sure Meg will love it.

Cobi said...

that is gorgeous. I love how you did the leaves in 2 colors and the flowers on the block look so pretty. you're right: what is autumn without a spiderweb? thank you for your sweet words about my toadstools. I'm working on more of them right now. orange this time