Monday, July 20, 2009

My Daughter Says.............

Yesterday, my beautiful little girl got her heart broken. Well maybe she is not so little any more she is 17 years old. It was some green haired boy who did it! (Yes, he has green hair!)
She came to her mother for some "motherly advice". It is hard when you cant just mend these tears with a Popsicle anymore! As I listened to her and told her all the same things that my mother had told me after my first serious boyfriend. I went one extra and told her a story about how a boyfriend of mine did what hers did. Of how we met up years later and really saw what he was missing.
That seemed to do some good as I got a big laugh out of her! I got up and got on the computer and started going through my emails and I asked her a question about face book. She said I don't know. I am on My Space.

Here is what came out of her mouth after that:
Steph: Anyway, you don't have a life.
Me: What do you mean, I don't have a life??????
Steph: You spend most of your time in the house and on the computer.
Me: I do not spend most of my time on the computer! I do other things like, clean house and stitch on my blocks.
Steph: Well you never go out and just "hang out".
Me: Yes, I do! I have my sewing meetings, and I meet friends for breakfast, and meet friends at material shops, go with friends to thrift stores and quilt shows.
Steph: That is not really "hanging out".
Me: What do you mean that is not really "hanging out"?????
Steph: "Hanging out" means going like out to the river and doing nothing but maybe swimming. Lets face it mom you d-u-l-l. The only interesting thing you do is "hang out" and talk to me.
After that bit of reality from my teen, I was in shock and maybe a little depressed! I cant believe that I am d-u-l-l! I still listen to rock and roll for heavens sake!
I just did not know that I was d-u-l-l........................................


Skye said...

Oh Lyn, I know the feeling..My daughter is quite a few years older and she thinks I'm "dull" as well..She says I don't really have a life anymore, especially moving out to the land of nowhere in Montana, and therefore, I should be grateful when she needs or asks me to come for a visist...Dull?? I ask you, I spent my time, reading emails from friends, enjoying my groups, teaching myself to CQ, do quilting, read and garden..Never mind the mundane daily work..Dull?? I too, listen to Rock music still!! Kids!! hugs, Skye

Cathy K said...

ROFLMBO!! It's a well-known fact that we parents of teenagers are very dull and dumb. However, once your teen reaches her early twenties (usually 22 or 23), we "miraculously" get smarter and more interesting!! Isn't it amazing how that works??? In the meantime, console yourself that someday she, too, will be dull and need to "get a life" per HER teenager. BTW, I still listen to rock music, too! And so do my kids, now ages 23-31. And they like my generation's rock better than theirs.
Hugs, Cathy

morvoren said...

Oh Lyn,
How familiar that all sounds!!
We have 5!! have one at home many times I have nearly been driven to tears ( by a silly remark..not really meant...but hurt all the same)
You forgot to mention too in your list that you have friends too and chat across the she does not do this!!
Hang in Cathy said ''it get easier as they get over 20''I have been there and know this.
Hugs Pam

Ann Flowers said...

Oh lyn sorry to hear that. I am sure it will pass. I never related to my mother until I had my daughter. I agree when she is in her 20's it will all be different. My daughter is almost 17 in a few months one of her friends related a story to me about her brother hanging out with some friends he made, mind you her brother is 19. She says to me. " Ya he was the youngest and here he spent all night with these old ones and had so much fun." I said "oh ya,how old?" she goes "well um...... like your age" I said 34? she said ya. Now I am old. Little do they realize when they reach their 20's we wont seem so old and boring.

Hang in there. You are a great asset to the Crazy Quilting world:)