Thursday, July 2, 2009

June's Teaser Answers And Prizes!

Here it is! The moment everyone has been waiting on! The answer that has had everyone stumped!

Here are the answers to the original 5 questions:

1) The Tango
2)I have Vanity Fair but she was also on many others.
3)A Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame
4)Donald Brian

The original number 5 answer: Oh, Kay, it ran from 1926-1928.

New number 5: Any three that he recorded. There were many to choose from!

Now for the prizes!

I have two squishy winners this month! They are:
Ann and Ruby!

Second place is: Susan R.! Susan please be expecting a "Mini Lions squishy".

And all the runners up:
These ladies should be expecting replica silkies of our actress!

I think that I have all your addresses but please resend them to my private email so that I can get your prizes out to y'all!

As this months Teaser was especially hard I thought that this would be a fair prize disbursement!

Ladies, if there are any questions please email me!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How very generous of you Lyn for sharing so much of your stuff with us!!!!

Thank you for such a challenging lady, plus all the history you share with us about them. I was picking up one of the silkies you sent me for second place from a previous one, my 13 year old son was sitting at my desk with his friend, the fried said what is that? My son proceeds to tell him what it is and what it is used for and then very excitedly told him I won first place this time and that I would be getting a squishy filled with stuff. And then they High fived me. I then told him about the girl that was on the one I had picked up. He seemed very fascinated that they were from the past and how neat it was to learn about them. So your contest gave me the ability to teach someone else a little piece of history!! Thanks!

Ann ( you have my address right?)