Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Talk

Let's talk Crazy Quilt.  I have been catching up on posts from my Yahoo groups this morning and have read some that I would like to address.  I did not on the group as the owners and moderators are controlling it very well without my two cents being put in there.  Let me just say this: I am in support of the changes that are being made.

With that being said I would like to talk a little about my opinion of what is happening.  To the new ladies to crazy quilting I feel your frustration.  You have been told for as long as you have been on the group there are "no rules".  So you are doing your best at what your understanding of what Crazy Quilting is.  I feel that what should have been happening for all new members is the encouragement of new stitches.  This should be happening on all CQ groups.  Sometimes we all forget about the stitches that are so very important in all CQ work.  The stitches are what should be encouraged not "no rules".  I want to encourage all brand new CQ'ers to work on the surface embroidery that all of the women before us used in their crazy quilts.

 I do want to to let all those who are new to CQ know that you can use all sorts of fibers and beads and buttons and laces and, and, and, and.............................

The list of things you can use in CQ is long.  I know a member of the group who likes to use Steam Punk items in her CQ.  So YES anything does go in CQ but when you break it down we do have at least one rule.  That is every crazy quilt needs stitching.  Last year my Lost Pines Crazy Quilt Group did a block a month using nothing but a designated stitch every month.  The ladies found out that you can have a beautiful block with out adding nothing else to the block but more stitches.  The basic rule for Crazy Quilting is STITCHES.  You have to have them.

 The next question the new to CQ would ask me is how and where can I learn these stitches?  Online there is Sharon Boggins Stitch Dictionary, TAST run by Sharon Boggins.  BAS run by Kerry Leslie.  Check out Shawkel a blog by Kathy Shaw.  Check out the Crazy Quilt Journal Project-2012.  Last but not least join StitchMap and take the Color Theory Course and Basic Crazy Quilting Course.  Crazy Quilting is an AWESOME art that needs to continue.

I would recommend books by Marsha Michler, Judith Baker Montano and A Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches by Miss Carol Samples.

I would like to encourage the all to new to CQ to experiment until you get your own style.  Everyone has one.  I encourage you to buy all kinds of floss.  Use the brand that floats your boat.
Variegated over dyed floss is my favorite.  Weeks Dye Works is my favorite brand.  Yes, it is cotton and, yes, I do use some silk floss.

Bottom line Ladies and Gentlemen yes there is at least one rule in Crazy Quilting and it is:  You MUST use stitches.  Using other items in you CQ is just the icing on the cake AND I like cake of all kinds!

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