Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Gift

Okay, I have been showing you pictures of this for about a week.  You know making my point about the stitches and all so I thought you might want to see pictures of the completed project.

This project started off as a gift of the peacock feather, then became a swap.  Of course I can't do anything easily.  Everyone else had made their projects with complementing colors in the fabric to go along with the peacock feather, as you can see I did not.  Everything I do is a challenge.  How else are you to grow?

As you can see from the picture above I used a piece of a vintage linen.  That hand appliqued rose was too beautiful to just throw away and the lady that I made this for?  Lets just say I knew that she would like it.

A picture of the project put together.  Yes, it is a project book.  A rather big one it is too.

Here is what the inside of the book looks like.  It took me a while to find the fabric for the inside of this book.  Yes, the inside complements the feather nicely doesn't it?

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at this project.  I am off on another.

The Lion

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Shari said...

I tried leaving a comment and it didn't take...so much for my tekkie skills, lol. Just wrote to say I love the project and have ever since you placed it in my hands1 I use it and take it everywhere. Never fails to bring good commments and conversational opportunities. Your ribbon work is exquisite! Thanks for taking time to make it perfect for me....Hugs, Shari