Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Iceing

Today I would like to talk about the icing.  What does that mean?  Well in a earlier post we were talking about stitching and the importance of it and about the other items being the icing on the cake.  So after we concentrate on the stitching we then get to add the other items.

What are the other items we use in Crazy Quilting?  The list is endless and in this list is where the "no rules" comes in at.  What is the list of items we can use to add to our blocks?  It is endless, we can use silk ribbon, beads, charms, shells, wood, rocks, hardware, yarns, jewelry, faux fur, feathers, silkies, handkerchiefs, buttons and more.  The sky is the limit for the items that you can add to your crazy quilt.

In the block that I have pictured I added a vintage linen to it.  The vintage linens are out there that you do not want to throw away they all have beautiful handwork on them.  Then you see the stain or the "time wear" holes in them.  Well use the beautiful handmade motifs that grandma made on it in your CQ project.  This gives the linen new life and your CQ a beautiful twist.

Adding anything that you want to your CQ is the icing to your block.  You are not limited to what you add to your CQ block there are "no rules" here.  Go ahead add what you want.  There is no judgement here!  I just might "borrow" the idea!

The biggest thing that I would like for all to remember is you are only limited to your imagination in crazy quilting.

The Lion

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ARLENE said...

Obviously, you've been crazy quilting for a while. Do you feel that crazy quilting isn't given the same "respect" (for lack of a better word) that sane quilts are? I am reluctant to enter any into local quilt shows for several reasons (they are always lumped into a catch-all category, judges seem not to understand the "rules" you've been discussing). I'd love to hear your thoughts.