Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Great Inspiration

As allot of my followers know I do like to dabble in Altered Art.  It does give a nice break from Crazy Quilting but in my mind compliments CQ in many ways.  I do look to Altered Art for inspiration in many ways.  Maybe not for the stitching but for the ideas.  For a great idea for the 2012 CQ Journal you might want to check out this post: .

Sugar Lump Studios is one of my favorite blogs to follow for inspiration.  The Love Me Altered Tag Book is an awesome inspiration.  I do make CQ tags as do many in the CQ world and this idea can translate over to the fabric medium very easily.

Here is a CQ tag that I made a while back.

This tag is a small one but you can make it bigger and put what you want on it.  Think about it.  What would you do to make a tag journal or a tag book of some kind?  Would you use family pictures?  How about real vintage silkies?  What about using your grandmothers buttons? Or Lace?  How about just to showcase all of YOUR different stitch ideas?

I hope that you enjoy your inspiration for the day!

The Lion

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