Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year, New Round Robin

It is a new year and I am trying to put my quilting back in my life as a #1.  It has been a long time since I have been a Round Robin that I signed up for one that caught my attention on the Yahoo group Crazy Quilt International.  I have been trying for days to get my RR blocks uploaded to the CQI Yahoo site and they just won't upload!  So I decided to put them up on my blog today and show everyone what they look like.  the RR I chose to join is the Midnight Fantasy Garden.  This is a triditional RR so I would need only one block but I had this purse pattern that was just too awesome that I have been wanting to make a purse out of.  I would need two sides.  So I made both sides and am sending them both.  I am hoping that the ladies will find inspiration for stitiching on one block or the other.  It matters not to me which one that they stitch on. 
 So here is the first block:

Here is the second block:

Okay I should have rotated this picture since it is on it'sside but you can see how cute it is anyway.  My inspiration for these blocks is a mens tie that I found.  See the cute little peacock on the first block?  That is what cought my attention at the thrift store.  I had to beat Debbie H. to the store for that jewel!  I am excited to see what the ladies do with this block.

Kerry, If you are reading this HELP!  Yahoo won't let me upload!

The Lion

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I;ll try to help Lyn - facebook isn't working for me either right now so don't know what is up.
Love the blocks by the way!