Saturday, November 21, 2009

Small "Seanes"

Here it is! The post that everyone has been waiting for! Really I am not procrastinating again! I am trying to work out a "happy balance" between my "play" and my work! I might have to give up that promotion! I am tired of not having time to "play"!

I thought that I would start out by showing you my blocks for "Mini-Seanes". Here is the first one. This one my friend Rose Anne embellished for me.

The reason for "Mini-Seanes" is this will be a wall hanging for my wall. I thought that since I was in a UTS RR through CQI that I would make it out of blocks done all by my cyber friends. Y'all know all the talented ladies that I know through my online groups. It is going to be something that I will treasure for the rest of my life! That is because the large "Seanes" after it has made a show circuit I will be gifting that one to my sister Kara.

Kara is the "Tom Boy" of us three sisters. She was also a steel worker in the Sea Bees. Right now she is in Oklahoma working as a prison guard. So "Seanes" will make a great gift for her!

I hope that y'all will enjoy the up coming under the sea posts!

The Lion

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