Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Under The Sea Block

The joys of the Internet are many! Among the joys you get to "meet" so many people you would not get to in the course of your life! One of the many reasons that I joined the Crazy Quilting groups on yahoo. I have learned so much in the years that I have been in contact with the many ladies that I have met around the world!
That is one of the reasons that I chose to do the "Mini-Seanes". This next block was embellished by a really good Internet friend of mine. Pam. Pam lives in England. The talents that she has are many but the one that I most admire is her beading! She does BEAUTIFUL bead work!
Here it is the block that Pam did for me in the Under The Sea RR from CQI:

I hope to maybe one day to go to England. I would dearly love to meet Pam! I am so sure that we would tear up the town, so to speak!


The Lion

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