Monday, September 7, 2009

Making Memories Blocks 2009 - The Start Of My Stitching

Last year I participated in the Making Memories project on the Crazy Quilting International Yahoo group. The theme last year was hearts. and the blocks were to be stitched in pink and white. A little bit of green was allowed.

Just to refresh every ones memory here are the pictures of the blocks that I stitched for the project.

These quilts put together can be found at this link:

Leslie, bless her soul worked hard at putting these beautiful quilts together! These quilts were chosen by the Making Memories foundation to go on a nation wide tour and be exhibited at some pretty large venues! One of them is coming up here in October. The Houston International Quilt Show. My old man is going to take me to the Houston International Quilt Show to see them in person! I sure hope that they allow pictures!

My sister who refers to my beautiful CQ as "crafts" is going to go with me also. (Yes, my baby sister does need strangling!)

It is now 2009 and we have a new Making Memories project going. This years theme is butterflies and dragonflies. The seams are to be stitched and the only motifs on these blocks are to be either butterflies or dragonflies.

I put together these blocks this morning for the project:

This year I am stitching three of them. I have some hand dyed lace butterflies and dragon flies that I am going to be adding to these blocks. These blocks are to be stitched in jewel tones. So now I am off to complete the tons of projects that I have going!
I hope that everyone has a good week!
The Quilting Lion!

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