Sunday, September 13, 2009

Basic CQ Course

I have them done finally! The blocks that are to be stitched for the basic CQ course on StitchMap. I am a mentor on a Yahoo Group called StitchMap. I have 2 apprentices, and am taking the course right along with them. I have had so much on my plate that I have just now gotten around to piecing my blocks for this course. I am an experienced CQer so I had to make this course a challenge for myself. I know that everyone is asking: How do you make a basic course challenging?????? Well, I asked myself that same question! The answer is all in the colors that are chosen to work with!
To make anything harder on yourself you choose colors that you normally would not work with or lots and lots of prints! So I kinda mixed it up in the colors and the prints that I would not normally work with!

Well here they are!

I think that when I get finished with them that they are going to be very striking! Be sure to follow the progress of these blocks! I think that everyone will get a surprise!
The Lion


M. Regina said...

I love the colors of your blocks. I'll wait to see them finished. Hugs from Brasil.

shawkl said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to see what you do with these! What fun!

Shari said...

These are really outstanding blocks! The colors are striking together and the projects will be awesome when you get done. If this is outside your comfort zone you would never know it. Can't wait to see what happens with these as you move through the course.