Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Lion's Question

Happy Sunday to all!

It is good to be back blogging again! Last week was a busy week! I will tell everyone about that in my next post but first I wanted to get this contest up! It is a full week over due!

As everyone who follows my blog knows I have been having the "Catch My Star" Teasers. In my own special way I have been telling everyone about a quilt that I am going to make. I have sat down and planed several blocks and now have started gathering the embellishments and other things that I am planning to use in this quilt.

Here are several items:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Picture 4

Now here is the contest. I would like for you to post a comment and tell me what you would do with each of these items.
Friday afternoon I will have a drawing for a prize and when I post the winner I will tell you what I am going to do with each of these items!
Now here is the prize:
I have taken a multi-media art class. In that class I made myself a journal. I am using that journal right now. I use journals all the time to record my ideas. I refer back to them for inspiration. I have journals for each quilt that I am doing or have done.
I have made this "Pretty In Pink" journal for the lucky winner of my above contest!

I want to wish good luck to all! I am looking forward to your answers! I hope to get some good ideas from you all!
The Lion


Eileene said...

Well, to me the pic 1 looks like a lions mane, pic 2 looks like his eyes , pic 3 looks like grasses and pic 4 reminds me of a collar on him. Hope I win. Please, show the blocks when finished. Eileene

Amy said...

I think the item in pic. #1 would look neat as a hat and the peacock feathers would look good around a silkie to help top off the elegance of the women and the same with the white feathers. The item in the last picture would look really neat as a seam treatment!

I can't wait to see your progress!

Shari said...

It is difficult to tell the size on these objects so I am going to talk about small amounts of the first 3 being used - even if you have to cut them up to get there, lol. Keeping in mind we have been dealing with old Broadway stars I am thinking you are making a quilt with those silkies and featuring the plays/movies of these stars. So...item 1 would be cut into small fur pieces to simulate the muffs, collars and hats of some of the silky stars. Item 2 would be a fun silkie border treatment. #3 would be good for cutting up and adding to the ladie's headbands as feathers, and in their boas. It could be dyed and used as seaweed also - I remember something about Mr. Roberts in the questions a while back. I see the trim as part of the marquee frame in the center of the quilt announcing the star quality of this quilt, like lights around it.


Eileene said...

Well, looks like I goofed again. I haven't been able to follow along on the teasers so I thought you were really gonna do a lion.hehehe Sorry, Eileene

Karen said...

What fun Lyn, I would use the net from the top picture and add it using it as a spider web in a corner, the feathers would get couched down and I think the peacock feather I would use the eye only. The last picture would be used as a seam treatment. Thanks it helped me "think" that through, Love the journal!!

Irish Kathi said...

Well I like #2 as eyes for a cat...#1 hat the center of a LARGE flower..#4 a collar...#3 I'd cut the feather bits off and use as snow.
can't wait to see what you do!

Thearica said...

#1 looks like a bunnys tail to me all bushy and soft...and #2 looks like cat eyes...#3 could be made to be cat fur, all white and soft.....and #4 is a collar for that prize white kitty...Now how a kitty and a rabbit fit into the same block..hmmmm..????

Sharon said...

Hi Lyn well I could possibly see a few things and underworld scene or a lady possibly. I know that sounds a bit abnormal but you could use
1. The netting and fur for either an underworld sea creature and the netting for the catch... or for a lady the muffs and and a head piece and netting for fish nest stockings..

2. I am not sure for the under sea world possibly the eyes of the peacock for a sea creature.I have to think more on that one but definitely a wonderful hat with feathers and peacocks in it..

3. The jewels found in a treasure chest for under the sea and a bracelet, earrings or choker for a lady.
Well that is what I see so far if I think of anything else I will let you know...very kool things. Thanks for making me stretch my imagination..Sharon