Monday, September 7, 2009

A Big Project

I belong to a Yahoo group by the name of StitchMap. I am the moderator in charge of StashAngels and our group teaser. I cannot for get the blog but I do share the responsibility of that one with Moon!

One of our members posted a "help post" last week, her Aunt's house burned down. One of the things that burned in the fire was a CQ wall hanging that was done by her Aunts mother for commemorate her wedding. It was a cherished item. Since Donna is the only one in the family to have an interest in CQ the family was looking at her to replace this heirloom.

Donna is new-to-CQ and felt a little overwhelmed. So Shari and I stepped in and made this a group project. I had tons of bridal fabric so.......................

Contacting Donna, I was able to get some details but not a lot of them as there are no pictures of the original wall hanging. So we cannot really reproduce it but we can make a replacement. In a time of crisis sometimes it is something like this project that comes as a comfort!

Calling for volunteers from the group I was able to get 13 Crazy Quilters and two Cross Stitchers to volunteer for the embellishing of the blocks and the making of labels to go on the back of the quilt.

Yesterday I finished the blocks up. Here they are:

16 blocks in all! They are done in white and pink. The pink may not be the original pink but it did come from an really ugly 1960's bridesmaid dress! (How many of y'all were bridesmaids?? Y'all know what I am talking about when I say ugly don't y'all?? Most of the bridesmaid dresses really are not flattering! What were those designers thinking???) The stitching on the original quilt was done in white pink and green. Donna knows that this is a replacement not a replica we have been given a go on a lot of things. The family remembers motifs on this quilt like birds, Doves for sure, sheep, butterflies, bees, a brides head with a veil. All the pictures were outlined which will make it all easier on all for sure! Lace and beads and SRE we are able to put on the quilt! So as these blocks come back in I will put up the pictures for everyone to follow along!
Most all of my volunteers are new to CQ so I tried to make these blocks easy to work on. (SitichMap is a learning site) I am going to enjoy seeing this project develop! Out they will go tomorrow to my volunteers!


piney cq said...

Hi my energetic sweet pea! LOL!! Do you need help with stitching on one? If so, send it my way, k? Hugs...L

Shari said...

You have done a beautiful job getting all of these blocks made and co-ordinating the volunteers. It is going to be exciting seeing the blocks come together. Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of StitchMAP - you are one of our truest Angels.