Monday, May 26, 2008

CD Pin Keeper

Silk Ribbon Heirlooms has a pin keeper swap going on. My swap partner is Sandy M. I had wanted to make one of these since they were first introduced to the group. I think that that is a wonderful way of recycling CD's. Plus we have something very beautiful and functional at the same time. I personaly like to thank the person who came up with this idea.

I sat down yesterday and picked out two colors and sewed them so that the CD would be half one color and half the other color. Next I took this project to expirment with a new thread to me. It is called Very Velvet. I think that this is a wonderful thread as it gives a great texture to your embroidery.

This project came together really quick and easy.

The above picture is "side A".This picture is "side B".

I also made the cute little tassels that are on the pin keeper.

A big THANK YOU to Sandy for being my genia pig!


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