Sunday, May 25, 2008


Alright, just sit back and listen to my story. I got my DH to actually go to the Capitol of Texas with me to view an fiber arts show. The day started out really well given DH does not like to "downtown" ANYwhere. We get into Austin and start looking for the visitors parking garage. Now, listen up here is where the trouble begins...............
They have the road blocked off to the parking! Guess why?!? They are holding a BICYCLE RACE IN DOWNTOWN AUSTIN TEXAS!!!!!!!!!

There is little to no parking anywhere downtown now they are cutting off the route to park! Well he starts looking for a place to park. They have 10 blocks up and 2 blocks over in a circle BLOCKED OFF!! No kidding running a bike race downtown. AROUND the capitol building. ALL the while the fiber arts show is going on.

Now mind you we have both daughters in the truck with us. Which isn't too bad as they are now teens. At least they were not crying for a bottle.

Now as we are going around in circles I can see the tell tale signs of DH fixing to blow a gasket. My oldest daughter, who is 16, adds to this by saying: "I need to use the restroom." They do not have convince stores in downtown. So DH's edges start to really fray! On our fifth circle around this bike race DH spots a 7-eleven. Hot dang a relief. He pulls in because by this time he needs to use the restroom also. I took the opportunity (being the smart woman that I am) to go inside also. I asked the clerk, "Where should we park?????" He said that they would not tow from the parking lots on a weekend. OK, we will try that. Next lo and behold a state trooper walks in. I ask him also. He says that the meters are open on Sundays. Hot dang we have a place to park!

I inform DH. So we get back into the truck. Go to congress behind the capitol and find a vacant meter and park. We are now parked about a block away from the capitol. The only problem is we have to cross the bike race to get to the capitol. Of course in Austin the bikers have the right of way.

OK, now we are on the way into the capitol. WHOO HOO. Now we are enjoying the trip. The girls got to go all the way up to the 4th floor. They sot to see the Senate and the House of Representatives. OF course the Wonderful fiber arts exhibit. It turned out to be a wonderful trip in spite of the bike race.

Steph and Lora in front of the capitol.

The view of the rotunda from the floor the Fiber Arts Show was on. It was down below street level.How many of you have dreamed of locking up your DH?? It is sometimes nice to pretend, huh?

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