Thursday, November 26, 2015

Been Thinking

Good Morning!  Also Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the U.S.A.!  I am working on my contribution to my families meal.  Green Bean Casserole.  I am kinda the Green Bean Casserole person of the family.  I am  trying a new one out this year.  We will see how it goes it is a Southwest kind.

So anyway I have been thinking about what direction I am traveling with all my studies. (I call them studies because as far as I am concerned as long as your art is evolving you are studying it.) I have been "playing" with the media art for a while now but as most know Crazy Quilting is my true love.  I have used all types of fabric in my art.

Now with that being said I was recently on Facebook and saw a post that really bothered me.  A CQ artist had put up a picture of a recent block she had made and stated that she had stepped out of her comfort zone and used cotton fabrics.  She also stated that she had "gunked" it up enough.  I thought to myself "gunked"it up?  What the heck?  Why would you feel that you would need to "gunk" any of your art up?  Then when you get down to it why would anyone feel using cotton fabric is a challenge?

I have many times turned to cotton fabric to use in my CQ.  I personally LOVE the contrast of the materials that I use.  So I am looking at all the pictures that are being put up on Facebook and I am noticing that a good many ladies are using cotton fabrics.  Some of the blocks are very stunning.

I am also thinking that the reason so many CQ'ers are calling cotton fabric challenging is because they are putting together the wrong pieces of fabric.  They are instead of embracing the challenge of cotton fabric they are trying to put it in terms of the fancy fabrics that  they use or just not thinking of the pieces as they put together the block they are going to embellish.

So for the next few days I will be putting together a tutorial on cotton fabric blocks.  So see you in a few days.

The Lion

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