Saturday, November 7, 2015

Brain Storming

So yesterday I had a day off from work.  I did run in and purchase the Christmas items that I set back for my grandchildren.  If you have not been in to see what TJ Maxx has I fully suggest that you do.  We always get some of the best items.  Unique stocking stuffers.  In Europe it is TK Maxx and in Canada it is Weiners.  I was able to get all of my Grandkids Christmas Eve box items.  This year we got some really cool movies.

Anyway I was looking at the Christmas napkins while I was at the store and thought what could I use these for in my crafting.  It prints on the napkins are so cool!  Well this morning inspiration struck.  BAM!  You know sometimes that is how it happens.  What about the shoe boxes?  Yes, I am going to pick up a package or two tonight when I get into work and work on a shoebox and see if how it comes out.  My next day off is Tuesday so here is to a day of play!

The Lion

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